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Within this everchanging world we believe even more in the power of connecting in real life. Witnessing people come together to celebrate life and the magic that comes with that, is what makes our hearts beat. We make the difference between 'ordinary' and 'extraordinary' with the broad spectrum of expertise, love for the industry and, most importantly, join hands and rise to the challenge.


Eventgenoot was founded in 2018 by Manon van Gaal. She started organizing small events from the age of 13, and after completing different educations within eventmanagement and marketing, she now has earned her marks in the (international) event industry. From business branding to big music festivals, and from governmental institutes to local volunteer organizations, Manon knows what needs to be done to go far and beyond. In fact, she applies the same adventurous and resolute mindset on her personal life as well. That's why she started working and living location independent in 2019, which makes her flexible, creative and thorough in life and work, as a true citizen of the world.  

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